About Prosper the City

Prosper the City is an initiative of St. Mark where small groups of people meet for three weeks to plan a unique service project to make an immediate impact in their community on the fourth week.

How does it work?

Each group will follow a week–by–week process to create, plan, and carry out their project:

Week 1
Who Are We?

On the first week, each group begins an Asset–Mapping process to discover the unique gifts they bring to the team before planning a project.

Week 2
Who Are We Serving?

On the second week, each group will identify the people or organization they are going to serve with their project.

Week 3
Are We Ready?

On the the third week, each group finalizes the plans and secures the supplies they need for their project.

Week 4

Finally, on the fourth week, each group is mobilized to serve their community with their giftedness!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What skills do I need to participate in Prosper the City?

    There are no required skills! Each person in your team, including you, will have unique skills and passions that can go into your project, and so each person’s input will be meaningful and needed!

  • How do you form teams?

    Teams can form in several ways. If you already know who you want to form a team with, you can go ahead and form your team!

    If you would like us to match you with a team, we will use the information that you fill out when you sign up to put you with people in the greater Battle Creek area who are available the same times throughout the week that you are. After we pair you with a team, your Team Captain will contact you about your first meeting!

  • Can my kids serve with me?

    YES! Prosper the City is for the whole family, regardless of age! The hope is that you will join a team as a family, and even the kids’ voices will be heard and valued when planning your project! However, if a group of your child’s friends would like to do it together, that is ok too!

  • How much of a time commitment is a Prosper the City team?

    You’ll meet three times with your group, once per week, for 60-90 minutes. On the 4th week, your team will do a project that will vary in time depending on the project.

  • How big is a team?

    We try to keep each Prosper the City teams between 8 to 15 people.

  • Who leads the team?

    Each Prosper the City team is led by a trained captain who has been a part of a Prosper the City team in years past.

Prosper the City Partner Organizations

If you would like your organization in the greater Battle Creek area to be considered as a project for one of our Prosper the City teams, click the button below!

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