Even though God promises his blessings when you give 10% of your income back to God (Malachi 3:10), it can be hard to take that step—What if you need the money because the car breaks down or the kids get sick?

That’s why we’ve created a 90-Day Tithing Challenge so you can experience all of the blessings with none of the risk.


  • On our Giving Page, select the fund designated TITHING CHALLENGE from the first drop-down menu. This fund will be available from February 11th to May 14th.
  • That’s it! Continue with your online giving as you normally would.
  • Should anything happen over the next 90 days and you need to access the funds that you gave to the Tithing Challenge fund, we’ve made a special arrangement with our giving platform to be able to reimburse what you gave back into your account anonymously. Simple click the REQUEST A REFUND button below, and type in the amount you would like deposited back into your account you used to give. Your request will be kept 100% confidential and you will never be asked by a member of St. Mark about your refund request.

We are confident that, at the end of your 90-days, you will be so blessed and moved by what God has done in your life after you started tithing that this will become an ongoing lifestyle for you.

To get started with your 90-Day Tithing Challenge, click below!